Name: Julia Yuen
Age: 16
DOB: 03/30/92
Gender: Female
Location: Miami, Florida
Ethnicity: Asian (Chinese)

Welcome! My name's Julia, but I'm also referred to as Akemi. I was born 16 years ago and have a very mature thought process. I'm full blooded Chinese and fluent in Cantonese. Does not mean that I can write or read Chinese for crap. I have moved several times throughout my life, so I've lived in many states and counting. My favorite state by far has been Arkansas. Somewhere along the line, I ended up in Florida, and to this day, have lived with mosquitoes and Cubans in the Sunshine State.

Several of my hobbies/interests are sketching, sewing, acting, writing, bothering the hell out of my friends, cosplaying, reading manga, watching anime, "interneting" and much much more! The only anime I try to keep up to date with is Naruto. Yes, I enjoy the show, I will not give it up just because it has become popular with 2 year olds. I detest stupid people.

I have created this shop to supply myself with a bit of revenue that I do not receive from my parents. Also, I'm doing to this to practice with my sewing and my art skills. I aspire to become a clothing designer one day, so start small end big.

A little tidbit you may not know. Izanami means female that welcomes. So instead of naming the site Akemi*Desu (the name of the store), I named it Izanamii, meaning I, a female, welcome you to my store! Tehee, kawaii ne?

Please help support me by buying my stuff! Thankies all and BAI!~



If you have questions or comments, please feel free to email me at Akemii.Desu@gmail.com. For non Akemi*Desu related issues, please choose one of the following (do not spam me, these are my own personal accounts):

AIM: akemihchan

Myspace: myspace.com/akemi_hoshi (message only)

dA: AkemiH-Tan

Gaia: akemi_hoshi