Art Commissions     

For the most part, I believe my prices are very fair. The prices are low, but the pictures are pretty good. In my opinion at least. I would not recommend asking me to scan in your pictures to be sent to you, scanners usually destroy my pictures, making them look billions of times worse than they actually are. I will most likely bring them to you on paper when they are complete, either through human interaction or mail. At the moment, I have no ability to mail pictures, so once I expand my horizons, prices will be changed to accommodate the mailing fee. When you would like to order, please fill out one of the order forms in the ORDER part of the site and then send it to Akemii.Desu@gmail.com. ____________________________________

Will draw: Shounen-Ai, Shoujo-Ai, Fanart, Original characters, Partial Anthros
Do NOT draw: Porn, Complete Anthro, Mechs
Background: For most pics, I will do a simple background. For a more complex background, prices will be extended as needed.
Extra People: A max of 2 people per picture. $1.50 per extra person.


Chibi- $0.50
Head- $1.00
Bust- $1.25
Full Body- $2.50

Line Art
Chibi- $0.75
Head- $1.50
Bust- $1.75
Full Body- $3.00

Chibi- $1.00
Head- $1.75
Bust- $2.00
Full Body- $5.00

If you would like a particular pose, please provide a reference picture. The items I will be using for these pictures are Crayola color pencils, Sharpie fine tip pens, and mechanical pencils. Along with the occasional BIC pen. Examples of my works are to your right.

Sewn Commissions     

Sewn Commissions closed until further notice. 11/11