For your convenience, there is a form that will be sent directly to Akemii.Desu@gmail.com to save you all trouble. When filling out the form, please fill in your name and email address. In the order details area, please include what you are ordering. Then please refer to the format that is required of that item.

For Art Commissions:
Specify picture type (Sketch-chibi, Color-full-body, etc.)

Picture Description (please be detailed)

Original or Series

References (please provide several)

Rating ( G = General, T = Teens, M = Mature)

Other (anything extra that I need to know)

Afterwords, submit the information. Once I receive the form, I will email you with the total price. If you have more than one order, please fill out another form, so I can differentiate between each order. That should be it. Have a nice day.


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