Officially Open 11/11/2008

Ok, so most every thing is complete, 'cept for the Items and Sewn Commissions. Those will have to wait for a later day since school just loves my attention. Which sorta means the only thing declared done is Art Commissions. All the same, get some pictures from me, they are priced fairly well and drawn superbly. So yeahhhhh, order something. ^^

On a side note, I am selling a naruto wall scroll for $12. It's a cool Naruto wallscroll that features Naruto, Sakura, Sasuke, Kakashi and Iruka. The wall scroll is made of fabric and comes with two wall hooks built on for easy setup and display. It's 75x100cm in size. There is nothing wrong with it, it's in perfect condition, I'm only selling it cause I don't like it anymore. There is a picture of it underneath this post. If your interested, email me. Bai~


Somewhat OPEN! 09/06/2008

Welcome to Akemi*Desu! This shop is filled to the brim with plushies, hats, pillows, arts, etc. Please tell me what you think and tell me how I could improve. This is the first attempt at me trying to sell anything, so my stuff may be a little iffy here and there, but it will NOT be something that hasn't taken 110% of my effort. Please take a look around, and BUY SOMETHING. please. ^^

If you wish to know a little bit more about me, check out the ABOUT ME. That also explains a little about why the shop was opened. I have many ideas for this store, so I can't wait! This site will be constantly changing, so keep it in your bookmarks or something. I might what to expand my horizons sometime, and maybe make cell phone swings or something? Whatever floats.

I have no sewn goods up on the site at the moment, but please be patient, I will get them up as soon as possible. It shouldn't take more than 2 weeks for some to appear in the store. :>

Don't think this site is only filled with sewing stuffs! I also do commissions, both art and sewing. For more details on that, check out COMMISSIONS. These on the other hand, I will be able to start immediately. Though I do not have any samples up yet, but if you go to school with me, you could always stop me in the hallways and ask to see some of my doodles. I have been told that my doodles are not doodles, more like very detailed sketches. It not, you could always drop by on my dA account (link in CONTACT info), but everything is almost a year old. I rarely ever update that account. Plus, my styles change constantly, so don't base an opinion off of that.

Oh, this is somewhat important. I will only be selling to the local south Florida area. Sadly, I'm poor and cheap, so I want to see how it goes with what I have right now and if it goes well, I'll then expand farther and farther, and then the whole world! Muahhaha-hackcoughsneezeexplodecough- Thank you for reading my rant, and again, BUY SOMETHING, please. xD




    Akemi*Desu is an individually run shop created and run by Julia Yuen. We have been open since the fall of 2008. Our shop specializes in plushies, hats, pillows, art commissions, and much more! Sales open to the local South Florida area. Please be sure to take a look around and thank you for stopping by!



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